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We are currently accepting applications for commissioned sales agents and dealers interested in selling our remote data backup solutions. Unlimited residual earnings potential  with bonuses for strong self-motivated individuals.

Sales agents must possess basic knowledge of computers. Agents are sales oriented, and rely on West Redding Computing to supply the customer with all technical services.

Dealers are technically proficient and willing to supply the customers with timely technical services. Dealers can change to agent status if they no longer wish those services.



West Redding Computing. Remote Backup Service provides safe, reliable backups that are stored off premises in two locations. The process is really quite simple: Your computer calls our storage computer via your DSL or Broadband connection and transfers your data in a compressed and encrypted file. Each morning your data is copied onto CD-ROM and stored off-site. This provides a full 365 days of incremental backups. On any given day in any business, tasks tend to get priority in order of immediate importance. There seems to be too many things to do and not enough time to do them. That is a fact of life in running a business. Backups tend to end up somewhere at the end of the list.

If you are interested in this opportunity send your resume 1538 Market St.,ste7, Redding,Ca.,96001
Or you may email us at richard@westreddingcomputing.com

Call us @530-241-9585




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